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How to Cure a Hook - Start With Your Wrists

Ah the golf hook...only slightly less annoying than a slice. I've heard many golfers say "a hook is much more difficult to fix than a slice". I think the reason is that a slice is much more common to develop first than a hook. Then, in trying to fix a slice, golfers over-compensate and then develop a hook and in doing so, start to develop some pretty ingrained habbits.

If the main reason for a slice is that your club face is open at impact with the ball, then it would make sense to say that the main reason for a hook is that the club face is closed when making contact with the ball. Coupled with a "baseball swing" follow through as opposed to ensuring the club head follows through to your intended target and you've got yourself a pretty nasty duck hook.

If you are hitting ...Read entire article

Results-Driven Golf Swing

Golf is a game where you are always trying to improve. You are always trying to fix something in your swing, or stand a little differently, or try a new club, etc. So long as your last shot wasn't perfect, you're looking to change something.

Often as golfers we get stuck in a rut. This might occur over the course of one round or perhaps lingers on to multiple rounds. More often than not golfers point the finger at their swing, the mechanics of how they go from their setup to finally striking the ball. I played a couple rounds over the weekend and ran into just this scenario. I was playing below average for the entire first round and about half of the second. I had gone to the driving range a few days earlier and was struggling with a little bit of hook at that time as well. D...Read entire article

Driving for Accuracy - Better Control With Your Driver

Which is more important to you: a longer drive, or a more accurate drive?

If you answered the more accurate drive then you are already on your way to becoming a better golfer. The reasons accuracy are important over distance are obvious, the more accurate you are..the more of a chance you have to land on the fairway...and we all know the fairway is the place to be! In addition, if you learn to drive the ball with more accuracy using your driver or wood, you are showing control over the biggest club in your bag, which should lead to even better accuracy with your irons.

There are several keys to consistent, accurate drives off the tee. The first and most important (to not only driving but all types of shots) is to make sure your clubface and bottom palm are facing your targe...Read entire article

Flop Shot - When to Use It When Chipping

Rule of thumb when chipping or pitching in golf dictates that you get the ball onto the green and let it roll as far as possible so that it will succumb to the natural undulations of the green. In most circumstances this works and avoids many chips which shoot past the hole or end up off the green past the pin.

There are times, however, when a direct line to the green may not exist. There may be a tree, or a tree branch in you normal chipping arc line, or you may be several feet below the green if it raised significantly from the fairway. In these cases it may not be advantageous, or even possible, to try and hit your normal chip with hopes of the ball traveling along a more line-drive path. When these situations arise, it may be better to rely on a flop shot.

In essence a ...Read entire article

Golf Philosophy - Producing Desired Results

I've taken golf lessons before, and I consider going back to an instructor from time-to-time. One of the guys I play with is very "anti-golf lessons". His argument is that most golf instructors try to teach you how to swing from scratch, and try to make your swing conform to that "universal perfect golf swing".

In some respects I think he's right. I like to compare a golfer's swing to a baseball player's swing...although the ball is moving in baseball, the object is the same; to hit the ball. And I believe that it doesn't really matter what kind of path your swing takes, so long as you make solid contact and it produces desired results.

That last statement is the most important...produce desired results. If a golfer (or baseball player) develops a swing that doesn't ne...Read entire article

Putting Practice to Judge Distance

The two keys to successful putting are distance and accuracy. I would say that accuracy is slightly easier to practice and improve as the direction your putter face is pointing will directly dictate where the ball goes. After you are consistently hitting the ball straight, changing the direction the ball goes is simply a matter of rotating your body. Reading greens however, which has a major impact on accuracy, is a different story. But, the fact remains that you can be the most accurate putter in the world, but without a good judgement of distance, it will go to waste.

Think about it, how many times per round when you're putting do you hit the ball and it stops at the EXACT distance of the cup, but it's just off left or right by a few inches? Probably not very often... Most o...Read entire article

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