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Golf Tips to Increase Driving Power

Instead of analyzing a successful driver's swing, let's focus on what beginner golfers, or golfers who have problems generating power on their drives, do incorrectly.

The first thing is that the ball is teed up too low. This has had more impact recently as the size of driver heads have dramatically increased. Years ago driver club heads, and clubfaces, were much smaller, resulting in a much smaller sweet-spot. The driver heads simply were not large enough to warrant a higher tee height. General rule of thumb says to tee the ball up so that the top half of the ball is above the clubface when the club is resting in starting position on the ground. Naturally with a bigger club head, you need to tee the ball higher to achieve the top half ratio. This will ensure you are still striking ...Read entire article

Stop Pop-Ups When Driving in Golf

Raise your hand if you've ever hit a "pop-up" off the tee in golf. Mine was raised, how about you? Pop-ups have to be one of the more resentful shots in golf, especially when you're on a long par 5 and you're counting on some extra distance. Instead of hitting a nice long shot down the center of the fairway, you hit a mile-high shot that just barely clears the tees.

The problem with some golfers might actually be trying to go for extra distance and then modifying their swing. Most pop-ups occur because your downswing arc is too steep. What ends up happening is that your arms and hands don't extend far enough on your backswing and your hands end up coming in on more of a vertical line on your downswing as opposed to more of a circular or arched path. This often results in scuff mark...Read entire article

Three Tips for Better Golf Drives

Golf drives are one of the most intimidating and yet most rewarding shots in golf. Your first tee shot is a stressful and exciting shot, and the excitement is multiplied when there a lot of people watching! Your tee shot and drives can signal how well your round is going to go, or how well the next hole is going to be played out. Your tee shots are also a chance to turn around a previous bad hole and set yourself for success. Golf drives are so important we call most practicing facilities "driving ranges"!

That is why successful tee shots and drives imperative for any golfer. There is no arguing the impact of a perfectly struck ball that goes 300 yards and lands in the middle of the fairway. A good drive is pretty much required for a chance at birdie and makes par a whole lot easie...Read entire article

Driving for Accuracy - Better Control With Your Driver

Which is more important to you: a longer drive, or a more accurate drive?

If you answered the more accurate drive then you are already on your way to becoming a better golfer. The reasons accuracy are important over distance are obvious, the more accurate you are..the more of a chance you have to land on the fairway...and we all know the fairway is the place to be! In addition, if you learn to drive the ball with more accuracy using your driver or wood, you are showing control over the biggest club in your bag, which should lead to even better accuracy with your irons.

There are several keys to consistent, accurate drives off the tee. The first and most important (to not only driving but all types of shots) is to make sure your clubface and bottom palm are facing your targe...Read entire article

A New Driver - The Golfer's Best Friend

I hear it almost every single weekend while watching golf on TV...what is wrong, if anything, with professional golfers using over-sized drivers with technology that seemingly keeps on increasing driving distance? This has to be one of the most hotly debated topics in golf today, and a topic that not only has an effect on pro golfers, but amateurs as well.

For a long time I used a set of woods, including a driver, with a steel head. The feeling that resulted from hitting a "perfectly" struck ball off the tee was fantastic, it wouldn't even seem as though I was hitting anything! However, a shot that was even a little off center of the clubface would result in a really bad shot. Finally though, I had to give up my driver due to age and wear-and-tear and was on the market for a n...Read entire article

Golf Driving Tip - When Not to Use Your Driver

What's the one thing almost every single golfer does when they step up to the first tee with their driver in their hands? If you said hit the ball as far as possible you'd be correct! However, the smart golfers say to themselves that they'd rather hit the ball WHERE they want, not as FAR as possible.

The difference is that intelligent golfers will consistently choose a target and would rather hit the ball with accuracy and precision rather than with a greater distance. Would you rather hit the ball 250 yards in the middle of the fairway? Or 290 yards into the deep rough? Obviously best case scenario would be 320 yards down the center of the fairway but if that were the case you wouldn't need to be reading this right now!

In all seriousness way too many golfers use thei...Read entire article

Improve Your Drives Before You Swing

Most golfers have a pre-swing routine, some kind of physical procedure to get into a ryhthm and feel comfortable. You may step up to the ball, select your target, and then get ready to swing. You may visualize your swing or try to determine how to swing based on your target, but most golfers do not take the time to think about their stance and pre-swing "settings".

Every single movement, and even how you set up your movements, will impact your swing and ultimately how you strike the ball. This is especially crucial to keep in mind when driving the ball off the tee as any errors will result in a more drastic poor shot than, say, a pitching wedge. Following are a few recommendations to think about as you approach the ball on your tee shot the next round you play. These suggestio...Read entire article

Longer Drives - Generate More Power With Your Shoulders

So you have your accuracy under control, or at least under control enough to use a fairway wood or driver off the tee. Now what you want is more distance! On just about any hole that allows you to hit a wood off the tee, being closer to the green or pin on your second shot allows you to use a lesser club on your next shot. The lesser the club, the more control you should have when approaching the green.

There are many aspects to a golf swing that impact the distance of the ball off the tee. I will only focus one though at this time which is the amount of distance your shoulders turn on your backswing. Turning your shoulders is like winding a spring, the more you turn (obviously to a certain point) the tighter your body becomes "coiled" and the more speed and power you will b...Read entire article

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