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A New Driver - The Golfer's Best Friend

I hear it almost every single weekend while watching golf on TV...what is wrong, if anything, with professional golfers using over-sized drivers with technology that seemingly keeps on increasing driving distance? This has to be one of the most hotly debated topics in golf today, and a topic that not only has an effect on pro golfers, but amateurs as well.

For a long time I used a set of woods, including a driver, with a steel head. The feeling that resulted from hitting a "perfectly" struck ball off the tee was fantastic, it wouldn't even seem as though I was hitting anything! However, a shot that was even a little off center of the clubface would result in a really bad shot. Finally though, I had to give up my driver due to age and wear-and-tear and was on the market for a new titanium driver. Having used a driver that was about the size of most newer wood sets' 5-woods, I would say I was almost intimidated by the look and thought of swinging such a large-headed club. All fears were cast aside though the first time I picked one up and took a swing!

Over-sized, titanium drivers are good for all types of golfers. Over-sized drivers are more forgiving than their smaller-head counterparts. Sure, you will still shank the ball and slice and "duck-hook", but it will not be as severe as if you hit the same shot with a smaller-headed club. So amateur golfers will be a little more at ease, and a titanium over-sized driver will also be lighter, and may result in a faster clubhead speed. Over-sized drivers are good for intermediate golfers as well. When you hit your driver with more consistency, the extra size will help give the drive just a little more distance. Plus, with the extra give, an intermediate golfer might find more shots on the edge of the fairway, or in light rough, as compared to in deeper rough or further off the fairway.

What it comes down to is building confidence. The fact is that by shear size and surface area over-sized drivers are more forgiving, and the fewer poor shots you hit, the more confidence you will gain. The closer you hit to the sweet-spot of the clubface, the less off-target the ball will travel. In addition, with a titanium over-sized driver, quicker head-speeds are possible. If you could hit more drives further and closer to your target, with a larger titanium driver, would you do it? At what point do you feel like the club should be given more credit for a good shot than you do?

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