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Putting Accuracy - Imagine Multiple Holes

There are two main aspects to putting; accuracy and distance. Getting the right distance down pat is a matter of reading the green and adjusting your swing speed accordingly. Accuracy, on the other hand, is a matter of proper alignment and aim.

Ask any golfer what the toughest types of putts are and they will most likely say the "6-footer". This type of putt is difficult because it's close to the hole, so it seems like an easy shot, but just far enough away to shake your confidence and really make you think about your aim. It's true that these shots should be made more consistently, but because of poor accuracy, these shots are often missed and could potentially add 2 or 3 to 5 or 6 strokes onto your score.

The first step to proper accuracy is proper aim. It all starts in the setup. You MUST make sure your putter face is square to your target. There are many golf improvement products on the market which help with this, and it is the first important step to successful aim.

The second step to improved accuracy is ensuring that your swing follows a straight path. You should imagine your putter head is between two walls with only a few millimeters on each side of the putter. As you swing back and then forward, try to keep the putter head from touching the imaginary walls.

And a third step to better aim is to ensure your follow-through goes straight to your intended target. Too often golfers will pull the putter around their body as they look up to see where the ball is going which results in a "hook-like" putt with a little bit of a pull.

One of the best ways to practice accuracy and aim is to imagine multiple holes between your spot on the green and the actual hole. A good way to practice this is on carpet. Set up a cup or cut out a circle from a piece of paper about the size of a golf hole cup. Try a fifteen-footer. After a few attempts, place a paper circle halfway between yourself and the cup. Now aim for the paper circle. Next, hit the ball with enough force to go past the first paper cirlce to the "actual" cup. Finally, you can add a third circle and try going for each one in succession. A successful putt should travel over all three targets.

Being accurate will get you 50% of the way to becoming a great putter. Now you need to practice distance-control.

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