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Visualize Your Golf Swing

A golf swing is made up many different parts. Everything from your grip to your stance, and anything with your physical body, to external factors like wind and pin placement, all make up how you approach your swing. Every swing will be different somehow, and one of the challenges of golf is being able to readily adjust your swing according to the challenges faced.

It's important though to put aside for a moment before as you approach your shot all of the technical and physical motions that make up you swing. Instead try to imagine yourself swinging exactly as you need to swing for that particular shot. If you have an uphill lie, imagine yourself standing on the sloped ground and how your stance will affect your swing. Image yourself swinging before you step up the ball to mentally prepare yourself.

In addition, image how the club face will meet the earth or tee and then the ball. If you are hitting an iron, try to visualize the club face slicing through the ground and striking the ball. If you are hitting off a with a wood, imagine the club face just barely grazing the tee and making solid impact with the ball.

It's kind of like trying to picture your swing as if you were a spectator, or you were watching your partner's swing standing by their side. Visualize different sections of your swing...your hands and grip at the top of your swing...your hands and club face on your downswing...your weight shifting from foot-to-foot as you follow through. Think of it as putting together a highlight reel of your swing in slow motion, and you're the director!

Visualizing your swing and imagining your club striking the ball exactly how you want it to happen will help you be better prepared when you take your shot. Instead of guessing or trying to keep track of your hands should, where your club face is, how your weight shifts, etc., you'll already be prepared to hit a good shot.

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